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What percentage of the human population is hermaphroditic?


  1. Koryn says:

    Exactly 0% of the population is hermaphroditic, that’s because a human being cannot be a hermaphrodite.

    You are talking about an Intersex(ed) person and they are about 1 to 2% of the population.

  2. cc says:

    less then 1%! Normally if the person is born with two sets of genitals or partial sets the doctor will decide what to remove and what *censored* to call the child! So really its a non issue!

  3. Matt Pizzuti says:

    I’ve heard that about 1 in 250 babies are born "intersexed" or with ambiguous genitalia, but wikipedia says it is much higher, 1.7 percent.

    Unfortunately, misguided parents and doctors like to get those kids "fixed" and will often pick a gender and surgically alter the genitals so that the kid grows up one or the other, usually female. There is a high probability of the person not liking the gender that has been chosen, and also a high probability of that child identifying as *censored*, gender-queer or wanting a *censored* change.

    I don’t know what the ultimate number of intersexed adults are left after so many babies get "fixed." But if you want to be an ally to trans and intersexed people I’d suggest you go to some meetings for queer people in your university or look up a local LGBT organization.

  4. izzzfareal says:

    0. Humans can’t be hermaphrodites. Only snails and worms are. Humans born with parts of both genitals are refered to as intersex.

  5. Snotalie says:

    one out of every quarter million births.

  6. Clones Don't Have 60k Pts says:

    As others have said your terminology is wrong.

    A hermaphroditic organism is one that has a complete set of both *censored* organs. Only animals such as snails and worms can be hermaphrodites. Humans are NOT born with both sets of *censored* organs, that is a common MYTH. There are people who are born some mixture of male and female tissues though and they are more correctly identified as "Intersex(ed)". There are dozens of intersex conditions. They range from not visible to ambiguous. For example a woman with AIS (androgen insensitivity syndrome) looks completely female. Her AIS may not be discovered until puberty when she fails to menstruate. The reason is she has no female organs (uterus and ovaries) is because she is chromosomally XY. However, her body is insensitive to the effects of testosterone (hence the name AIS) and the estrogen in her body makes her develop that way. It should be noted that everyone has both estrogen and testosterone in their bodies.

    Another important thing to keep in mind is although their bodies may be intersexed these people are NOT a third gender. The vast majority, like everyone else, have firm gender identities. Meaning they have a strong sense of themselves as males or females. AIS women for example strongly identify as female.

    Approximately 1% of people are born with intersex conditions.

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