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What is a nice celebratory gift for my boyfriend who just got a new job?


  1. jilllpilll says:

    I would get him one of those really nice pens and have the name of the new company engraved on it. Then, every time he uses it, not only will he think of you, but his co workers will want to know where he got such a nice pen.

  2. mmark68 says:

    My brother is an engineer and he can’t wear any jewellery on his fingers or arms due to the fear of getting trapped in the machinery. Therefore, when he got his job, my sister-in-law gave him a fine, short silver neck chain which is suitable (and safe) for the job and fits with the smart casual dress code.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Danny Davis says:

    Men are very simple; we like things that are entertaining or make us relax. Think about what type of personality he is and his main interests, then choose the latest and greatest accessory for that interest.

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