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What are the myths or superstitions about a bird coming into your home?


  1. Nat says:

    Birds have long thought to be associated with otherworldly powers- not other planetary but other worldly, as in the spirit world. Their ability to fly far and high in ages gone by gave them a mystical quality that many looked to for signs and portents, and one of the most common Bird Omen Wives Tale was that if a bird flew into your house through a suddenly opened door or window, death was not far behind.

    The Bird Omen Wives Tale
    In a home lies a sickly person, with family member standing vigil nearby. The health of the ill is in question, and everyone is concerned that things could take a turn for the worse. A sudden rapping at the window of the sick room causes a start, and those in the room turn to see a black crow sitting on the sill, tap, tap, tapping at the glass. Its insistence is unnerving- what does it want? Eventually the crow flies off, but not before leaving the concerned family members with a chilling superstition that their loved one is doomed to die.

    The variations on this theme are many, but all fairly consistent; a bird tries or successes to get into a home, and this is considered a sign of imminent death. In some versions the bird strikes the window in flight (sometimes getting up and doing it again) or lands on the sill and strikes the window with its beak. Other versions have the bird enter the home through an open window or door. Should a bird get access to the interior of a home with no visible means of entry, the superstition is that it is equivocal to an intruder alarm tuned to sense Death Itself going off.

    The Origin of the Bird Omen Wives Tale
    There is no one source of the “bird flying into house equals death” wives’ tale, but it is a common enough superstition nonetheless. In days gone by people were prone to look for many superstitious or mystical answers to every day questions, and some questions that were not so run of the mill (such as “why must my loved one die?”) When something out of the ordinary happened people were quick to ascribe to it some mystical significance, whether or not there was a logical, natural explanation to it.

    Any time a bird flies into a house it certainly is an unusual experience. Birds, being creatures of the outdoors and mainly shy of man to boot, do not typically try to get inside a dwelling. Some may get confused, thanks to an expertly cleaned glass window, and give itself a braining on a house. Others may land on a handy window ledge and peck at its own reflection out of curiosity. As for a bird flying in through an open window, taking a break on a chair back, and then leaving, who knows? But it certainly is behaviour convenient to attach a sense of a message being delivered.

  2. smoking causes lung cancer says:

    in my culture
    a fantail flying in you home
    means impending death
    for someone close
    maybe not to you
    but someone in your family
    i dont know
    if this is true
    ive never seen a
    in my house

  3. Robert says:

    owl: be blessed with wisdom
    Dove: be blessed with good luck
    Crow: you’re dead.

  4. Jenny says:

    I heard from my family and friends in Asia:

    If a black bird flies in to your house, or starts to make noise when you’re around, it could mean death, unluck, or something bad.

    Other birds you see everyday (that’s not black) is okay, I think. They don’t want to harm you?

    A long time ago when I lived in Sweden, I had birds living in my garden… And one day a black bird came and killed them all, not fun.

  5. KASTIBATURA says:

    If you leave your doors open and go out, what shall be the result? The same is with the birds, they are flying from their nests to other places in search of food for them or for their off springs. Mainly for food or water they are going away from their newly born or from their group. All the birds are well aware of their group and fly together but for food and water, individually search. Since you are not very clear about your window, whether it was left open or was closed, I cannot propose a very correct answer to your question. Anyway, the crow when cries at your place – some guests are expected. If a peacock is seen, a snake is around. If pigeons are sitting in groups and have their nests there or use it, something bad like earthquake or some other destructive natural calamity is expected on that house. If sparrows gather in the morning and chirp, they are friends and need food and wish you good mornings. Like this there are a lot of good and bad omens noticed and popular.

  6. pnagy75 says:

    My maternal grandparents were special. By that, I mean they knew stuff. Where they learned it, I don’t know. (Afraid to find out, too.) You won’t like my answer. A bird in the house means someone is going to die. Maybe releasing the poor little thing back outside will counteract the old wives’ tale.

    1. ep says:

      yes it just happened to me – we found a bird in the attic and within the week my dog had to be put to sleep – devastated x

  7. yay cloud says:

    It’s a bad omen in most cultures.

  8. breyet_leyet says:

    yes, pray, seems they bring warning of impending doom.
    just heed the warning, and fix the problem

    make sure the window is locked and no one can break into the window, for your safety

  9. Peter Black says:

    we found a bird had flown down the chimney of our bungalow today sunday the 3rd of July into our locked lounge. Mmmnn i am on egde now

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